eNEG – The professional Negotiation Software

eNEG provides you with an innovative software tool that supports you during bi- and multilateral negotiations. Based on your individual negotiation preferences you receive best practice for optimal support of all kind of negotiations.


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Create unlimited number of negotiations

Define individual negotiation preferences

Automated & supported negotiation- and communication process

Conversation history available anytime

Manage offers and negotiations structured in one place

Proactive negotiation support by intelligent agent technologies



Access company-wide negotiation know-how of all business connections

Application of different negotiation strategies with one click

Taylored to
Corporate Design

Adapt negotiation criteria of experts and combine with own strategy

Define and manage negotiation criteria for the whole company

Integration of eNEG into existing system landscape using interfaces

Consideration of culture-specific situations with international negotiation partners

Über uns

Mag. Ibrahim Imam, CMC

"Our target with eNEG is to display and optimize the often complex and thus confusing process of negotiations. Different inputs via e-mail, Skype or other communication media are thereby recognized, analyzed and used for support."

Mag. Sander van de Rijdt, CMC

"As pioneers of online negotiation support we care a lot to consider all aspects of a negotiation in eNEG. Just because of that, best results can be achieved for the users."



eNEG is part of the professional eAuction- and eSourcing software negPOINT. negPOINT is a SaaS (Software as a Service)-solution based on Microsoft.NET/MS-SQL and enables customers to execute online purchasing. The software that was developed especially for enterprise needs mainly differs from comparable solutions in little effort to setup, the possibility to display and evaluate complex service specifications as well as a high grade of usability.

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